Healthy eating is a way of life …and it has nothing to do with dieting

A healthy diet has nothing to do with calories, portions or the frequency with which we eat, or rather, it does not just have to do with all of the above. Healthy eating is a way of life with dozens of benefits for our health and appearance and its journey begins long before a product reaches our plate.

Healthy eating starts with information and therefore our own research. Then it moves on to observation. We learn to read the labels of the products we put in our shopping basket and ultimately our plate so as to avoid additives and preservatives that are hidden everywhere. All of this can suddenly make shopping seem like a chore but that is not the case.

Doing our research so as to be able to choose the right nutrition for our body and the nutrition of our loved ones should never seem like a feat. On the contrary, it is a small “treasure hunt”, the effort to find quality products of high nutritional value creates a feeling of fulfillment and we are not alone in saying that.

It is supported by everyone who has decided to make a change for the better in their diet and choose bio as well as organic produce free from preservatives and additives.

Proper, healthy eating therefore, requires a change of mind and a little more time spent caring for what we ea. That, in turn, means more love for ourselves and this in itself is something that should be a lesson to us all.