Driven by a passion for proper nutrition and food for all, but especially for the new generation, EλGen sought out the most reliable partners in Europe in order to create a product line that aligns with its principles. The result was the creation of the Crisp Corn family.
Crisp Corn, Crisp Corn Chips, and Crisp Rolls, thanks to their unique taste, high nutritional value, and low calories, have become products that the public loves. The range is constantly being renewed, enriched with new flavors that do not exist in any other product of its kind on the market, and conquering the present, it is heading rapidly towards a tastier and more qualitative future.

Crisp Corn

Corn puffs… but different! Tastier, more nutritious, and with very few calories, Crisp Corn corn puffs elevate an otherwise “boring” snack to a delicious addition to our diet. With unique flavors, rich nutritional value, and the purest ingredients, Crisp Corn can be consumed alone, with dozens of delicious combinations, and to accompany every meal from morning to night.

Crisp Corn Chips

Enjoyment has never been so… innocent! Crisp Corn Chips are the salty and incredibly delicious temptation that we can enjoy without guilt. Made with corn and rice, in three wonderful flavors, Crisp Corn Chips are here to change the snacking landscape with every bite.

Crisp Rolls

Never before has a sweet snack had so few calories! Crisp Rolls with chocolate are small, fluffy rice bites wrapped in rich, luxurious chocolate. Available in two options: Dark and milk, Crisp Rolls are here to fill every moment of our day with pleasure, with every bite, and to make it roll more sweetly!


Dimitris Skarmoutsos, after his many years of successful career in America, returns to Greece and establishes himself among the culinary public, winning the Golden Hat Award and several Gourmet Awards. After many years of experience, he started his own site from where he now shares his cooking secrets.

The company ELGEN, having absolute confidence in the acclaimed chef, decides to join its name with that of Dimitris and launch Crisp Corn corn puffs on the Greek market.

Besides, as he claims for the product, quality meets taste.