Pure, nutritious, special. Food as it should be Today’s nourishment becomes food for tomorrow’s generation Building a sustainable lifestyle and eating habits We sow the seed of quality, and harvest the fruit of trust

ΕλGen A company that operates in the present with eyes firmly in the future

ΕλGen is a new, consumer driven, trailblazing company with firm ethics and a clear vision at its core. Completely in tune with the latest food industry trends, ΕλGen aims to bring about change, innovation and to formulate new trends that first and foremost, serve the needs of its consumers.

Why we are different

ΕλGen strives to build a new relationship between products and consumers, based on trust and absolute satisfaction, by caring first and foremost for them and their needs.


The products represented by EλGen aim to create new distribution channelsin the Greek market and to effectively meet modern nutritional needs.


EλGen exclusively represents companies that manufacture products of high nutritional value based on the values of health, proper nutrition and the choice of pure raw materials.


All the members of the EλGen family have many years of experience in the field of food and technology, but also a fresh new perspective that successfully combines the present with the future.


EλGen is always one step ahead, looking for solutions, innovative products, unique technologies and partners that share its vision for a sustainable future and present.


For EλGen, people and its relationship with them are the secret to success, so it does not just merely choose partners but builds relationships on the way to the future and through development.