Benlian products are made exclusively from natural ingredients, do not contain gluten and are the result of our desire to make natural and healthy food a part of everyone’s life. Using ingredients such as brown rice, corn, natural flavors, and cold-pressed oil, we’ve scored products without any compromises when it comes to using all-natural ingredients.

Our goal is to produce and distribute healthy food worldwide. We know the growing need for healthy and natural food, so we strive to position our products and our natural philosophy around the world. To ensure that our products meet the standards and needs of consumers, we are in a continuous development process. Using innovative methods in food processing, we have managed to preserve the nutritional properties of our ingredients in their raw form. With our innovative approach and continuous development, we want to show people that healthy food can be delicious, just as delicious food can be healthy.


Dimitris Skarmoutsos, after his many years of successful career in America, returns to Greece and establishes himself among the culinary public, winning the Golden Hat Award and several Gourmet Awards. After many years of experience, he started his own site from where he now shares his cooking secrets.

The company ELGEN, having absolute confidence in the acclaimed chef, decides to join its name with that of Dimitris and launch Crisp Corn Chips on the Greek market.

Besides, as he claims for the product, quality meets taste.