ΕλGen – A company that operates in the present with eyes firmly in the future

ΕλGen is a new, consumer driven, trailblazing company with firm ethics and a clear vision at its core. Completely in tune with the latest food industry trends, ΕλGen aims to bring about change, innovation and to formulate new trends that first and foremost, serve the needs of its consumers.


By focusing on gaps within the Greek market, ΕλGen strategically introduces products of high nutritional value that aim to open brand new categories and yet that is merely the first step towards the company’s greater vision.


By introducing innovative new options to the market, ΕλGen aims to serve its customers and their needs, while offering solutions that qualitatively upgrade their lifestyle as well as the market as a whole.


Being a company that respects its customers as well as the environment, ΕλGen places much emphasis on the transparency of its relationships in addition to its commercial practices. That is why, each partner is chosen very carefully by considering assets such as quality, ethics and innovation, qualities that lie in ΕλGen’s core.


However, the search for new partnerships and collaborations never ceases as ΕλGen strives to enrich its portfolio with high quality products that will make a difference within the Greek market.

With its eyes firmly in the future, ΕλGEN is the new generation company that operates in the present fusing experience with innovation and serving as a bridge between the past and the present.